Digital Native ARKives

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Alexander R. Kagno

A passionate and driven digital native seeking a full-time position to utilize an aptitude for innovation and an acumen for working with cutting-edge technologies.

Skills and Expertise

  • Python, BASH, Powershell, and Lua scripting
  • AWS EC2, VPC, S3, Route53, and DynamoDB
  • Container management through LXD and Docker
  • Server reliability, orchestration, and development through Ansible and SCCM
  • System Administration through Linux and Windows servers and workstations
  • Web server configuration through Apache, Nginx, and Caddy
  • Version control experience in Git and SVN
  • LogRhythm Administration and Analysis
  • SQL and NoSQL management


LogRhythm Deployment Engineer


Michigan Technological University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Network and Systems Administration (2017)

Cumulative: 3.32; Departmental: 3.88

Professional Experience


December 2018 - Present: Boulder, Colorado
Systems and Security Associate Engineer
  • Management of E3 system which utilizes AWS and Adaxes for on-demand instances
  • Utilization of AWS EC2, VPC, and Route53 as well as Adaxes through Powershell
  • Creation of documentation for E3 systems to enable Sales Engineers
  • Docker usage for on-demand deployments of CTFd during LogWars events
  • Support of three LogRhythm deployments used by the global SE Organization
  • Retrieval of WorkDay logs through API using Powershell
  • Deployment of large scale events involving up to 400 instances of LogRhythm on AWS
  • Retrieval of LogRhythm metrics and push to AWS DynamoDB through Powershell
  • AIE rule and use case creation to help market LogRhythm features and support SEs

GrahamGolden Technologies

March 2018 - November 2018: Denver, Colorado
IT Consultant
  • Collaboration with clients to address issues and determining their needs
  • Windows environment configuration and maintenance ranging from 2003 to 10
  • Accurate time tracking for billing purposes
  • Quick thinking and problem solving to mitigate disasters while on-call
  • Product specification ranging from desktops and laptops to network hardware
  • Network device configuration including firewalls, managed switches, and access points
  • Project management for new environment deployments and office moves
  • Powershell scripting to improve efficiency of new workstation setups
  • VMware ESXi configuration, administration, and maintenance
  • Vendor support, management, and communications for client support and projects

Michigan Technological University

August 2013 - December 2015, September 2017 - March 2018: Houghton, Michigan
Student System Administrator
  • Triage and customization of Linux, Windows, and MacOS machines
  • Large scale lab machine deployments and imaging
  • Implementation of network changes through patch panels
  • Windows executable packaging for deployment with SCCM
  • Windows workstation management and organization through AD
  • MacOS management and imaging using JAMF Pro
  • Education and support provided to students and instructors for university systems

Extreme Engineering Solutions

January 2016 - August 2016, May 2017 - August 2017: Middleton, Wisconsin
Associate System Administrator
  • Implementation of Open Source and self-hosted alternatives
  • LXD implementation for testing and development
  • Python and BASH scripting for administration and automation
  • Mediawiki upgrade, management, and extension implementation
  • Ansible orchestration for compliance across multiple servers
  • Changes to infrastructure for NIST compliance
  • Research into Data Loss Prevention for NIST compliance